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American Headache Society - The Drip

Ouch. Migraines are clearly no laughing matter. Shooting this piece required a snorkel lense, a creepy water dripping torture device, and patience. Oh yeah, and an actor with a awesome bald head.

Foresters 'LifeFirst'

With Lift Communications, Chopper produced this video to help launch LifeFirst, a level term life insurance Product from Foresters

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 'Redbook'

Thousands of photographs that resovle into one. Repeat and add a custom track. The result is a tantalizing treat of sound and vision. Animations by Pete O'Neill. Music by Mike Stanutz.

Fashion Cares "Welcome to the Floating World"

Opening video to the 14th annual Fashion Cares, Canada's largest and most successful gala fundraiser for AIDS awareness and treatment.

Corel Corporation - 'Deepwhite'

The adaptive qualities of water were the inspiration for this visually intriguing piece. Lensed by David Greene, we used a high speed Photosonic camera to capture the water drop, an intervalometer to capture the melting ice, and a snorkel lense to film water flowing through a pipe. One doesn't normally have this much fun.

Canada Post - 'Our Customers, Our People - Our Future'

What do you do with a slew of high res. Images on a small budget? Make a video! Excellent motion graphics work by Pete O'Neill.

American Headache Society (AHS) - 'Brainstorm'

Opening module to 'Brainstorm', an innovative, multimedia educational program developed for physicians and health professionals

AstraZenica 'Compassion for the Patient'

The brain child of writer/creative director Chris Tait, 'Compassion for the patient' was helmed by Canadian Director, Robert Cuffley, and recently won bronze at the NY Film and video festival.

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