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"Ricardo Montalban is to improvisational acting what Mount Rushmore is to animation."
- John Cassavetes

Our new animation reel is up. Check it out!

Leon's - "Say Yes to Paying Less Event!"

Chopper recently finished post-production work on Leon's "Say Yes To Paying Less!" event. Shot on RED, the gig gave us the opportunity to demonstrate Chopper's new AVID Nitris DX system with AMA (Avid Media Access) technology. Agency "X" CD Henry Ma was thoroughly impressed with how AMA dramatically improves the process of working with tapeless media, providing the ability to deal natively with 4k RED files. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it eliminates time consuming transcoding processes, provides greater in house flexibility and creativity which saves time and money!
Who wouldn't say 'YES' to that?

Make the Drop, with Orange Drop!

Ontario needed to clean up its act and make hazardous waste collection understandable. Toronto agency, Resonator got the call to develop the ORANGEDROP brand. Working with Resonator CD, Chris Tait, Chopper produced 2 spots as part of the campaign. The message was simple: don't throw it out - make the drop!
The launch was a tremendous success with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hazardous materials being diverted from landfills, lakes and streams.

Nestea "Snowball - $1,000 Cash"

Chopper was approached by Soho Square to modify a commercial originally produced in 2005 by another production house. The concept was to re-purpose the original spot by shortening the opening sequence, film 2 new 10 sec. endings, and create 2 new 30s.

For the idea to work we needed to blend the new ending(s) with the old beginning so that the new 30s looked seamless. Amazingly the actor originally cast, Michal Grajewski, had not aged in 5 years - hmmm... what's his secret?

From there it was a matter of matching wardrobe, filming on green screen, re-purposing backgrounds and creating new ones. Fresh graphics, VO and music completed the renovation.

Nestea "Travel Alaska Promo"

The second of 2 spots shot for Nestea.


No, this is not a beer commercial.

For the French version, click here


"Does this come in a moo-moo?" When it comes to home phone packages, one size does not fit all. That's why Cogeco has several options so you can pick the one that fits you best. Props to stylist Barb Carduso for her excellent work on wardrobe, and Michael Krauss for the tasty CG. Plus kudos to Ogilvy's Neil Cabana and Karin Elz for their simple, yet effective creative.

For the French version, click here


OgilvyOne, Toronto client, Cogeco wanted to illustrate their comprehensive b2b phone and high speed internet services. Again working closely with OgilvyOne Associate CD Interactive, Neil Cabana and Creative Group Head/copywriter, Karin Elz, Chopper handled everything from start to finish.
For the French version, click here
NOTE: No animals, phones, or mice were harmed during filming.

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